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University Accommodation Geelong July 28, 2017

It isn’t easy to leave the comfort and safety of your home. This may mean moving to another city or another country, a move which will mean searching for accommodation.

Most times, the Faculties contain residential wings on campus, but always there’s an overflow, and lodging is therefore sought beyond the campus.

Residential complexes can be found in University towns that appeal to just such a need. Bearing in mind the transient nature of the renters, these apartments are equipped with the basic amenities.

• Foremost, a location that’s as close as possible to the campus.

• Having a bar, a restaurant and a supermarket round the area will be a definite plus!

• The accommodation ought to be secure enough to keep intruders out.

• Finding a flat in a quiet place, devoid of the noise of traffic could be a blessing.

• It should have plumbing that works.

Privately run homes tend to be expensive. To create the lease affordably, the accommodation can be shared with two to four individuals.

This might be anything from 6 to 8 weeks of the lease. This is done mainly because faculty going tenants are considered high risk. To make sure that the deposit is returned, it would be smart to have a tenancy deposit protection. Any repairs needed in the apartment will be the duty of the landlord. Do remember to have a list of the property before going in, so there is not any room for dispute once the time comes to depart. This will address your many issues.

If it’s a joint tenancy, it would be smart to have all of the renters sign the lease, so that it not the duty of any one individual to bear the burden of paying the rent.

The only thing left to do is to create your new shared home away from home.

For those students that aren’t accommodated on campus, you will find student accommodation in Geelong. There are town homes and apartments not very far from some of the college campuses.

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Not the time to use the services of the one-man-band September 10, 2015

If you’re the tenant in a leased property and your rental will shortly be coming to an end, you need to begin making plans to get your flat or apartment in the best possible arrangement in order to ensure that the deposit which you paid at the beginning of the lease is returned at the end of the agreement. So what’s the greatest approach to take about this to guarantee the perfect opportunity of regaining your deposit in full?


The great majority of landlords of domestic accommodation will insist the lease documentation contains a stipulation to the effect that there is to be a deposit paid at the date of entrance to supply “insurance” against damages, repairs or breakages. The deposit is paid at or before the commencement of the tenancy, together with the first instalment of rent. The total amount of deposit varies based on the landlord and the property but is generally a multiplier of the monthly rental cost.

Identifying breakages is normally a pretty uncomplicated matter – after all, something is broken or it is not – but the questions of whether repairs are required and, if so, who’s responsible, can as often as not be much less clear-cut. The landlord can reasonably be entitled to expect to receive his property back in as near as possible to the original condition in which it was excepting ordinary wear and tear. Remember that the expression “repairs” is going to be deemed to include cleaning the property in order that it’s in a fit condition to be let out again. Consequently, the landlord will most certainly anticipate as a bare minimum that the property is thoroughly cleaned at the end of the lease. If this really isn’t the case most landlords will simply deduct the costs for cleaning from the deposit and don’t hesitate to get the property cleaned by their particular contractors that are preferred. You as renter may very well wish to challenge either the area of the work needed or the cost of the work but by then the “damage” has been done and you may be facing an uphill fight to get your deposit back in full.

By employing a professional end of lease cleaning company in Canberra to assist you with your end-of-tenancy clean, you’re in control of just what cleaning work needs to be done and you can even keep a close watch on the budget. If, as in most cases, your landlord or his or her agents have provided an end-of-lease checklist to you, then the cleaning business can take a note of what is required and ensure that these occupations are included in the quote. This separate point of view might be crucial in case of a dispute arising between tenant and landlord.

Unfortunately, however well-intentioned the tenant – or indeed the landlord – there can be occasions where a dispute will appear, even after the tenant has had the property cleaned by a professional national cleaning company. The tenant will soon be able to call upon the cleaning business to confirm that it’s indeed carried out the work needed by the landlord, which will assist considerably in receiving the deposit back complete, should such a development happen. It seems sensible to get everything confirmed in writing – either by email or by letter. A professional domestic cleaning company will be pleased to provide you with full written details of the occupation so you possess the most total data to fall back upon should any issues arise with the landlord to be done, together with an estimate for its costs. You need to also make sure you had the essential work and hold on to a copy of your receipt which attests that you’ve honoured your obligations. Some professional domestic cleaning companies will even provide you with before-and-after videos or photographs as additional evidence should a dispute arise.


In a nutshell, this is not the time to use the services of the one-man-band cleaning business, who will only take payment in cash and refuses to commit anything to writing! If you need to get your end-of-lease cleaning job done to the highest standards, giving you the greatest possible chance of recovering your deposit complete, then it makes sense to utilise a professional cleaning company.

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