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Five Things To Consider When Choosing Home Door Locks May 24, 2016

We believe it is important to make an informed choice when deciding which locks to install at your home. With the rapid growth of many cheap lock brands, price should probably not be the most important factor. After all, your door lock is at the forefront of the protection of your home and family every day. More and more homes are installing home cinema equipment that can be expensive to replace. So while there are a lot of different locksets available from small to huge retailers and it can be hard to make a choice, unless it is from an Aldi store where there might be just one option. After talking with a friend who is a locksmith in North Melbourne we agreed on these below tips.

  1. Double Cylinder Locks. For a long time now, the cylinder lock has been considered a good choice for homes in Australia. Many security experts have recommended double cylinder locksets due to the fact that they require a key for both entry and to exit your house. This prevents burglars from just breaking windows next to your door and then just reaching around to unlock from the inside.
  2. Deadbolt Is Still King. The good old deadbolt remains the most important piece of home locksets for any exterior door. You may also think about installing deadbolts on doors that join an attached garage. Research suggests that forty percent of burglaries also occur through first floor balcony doors, so a deadbolt on these doors should also be considered. Steel deadbolts with at least a one-inch throw is recommended. The trow is the section of the deadbolt that extends from the lock into the door frame. If you want the next level up, there are saw resistant deadbolts that spin if someone tries to cut through them.
  3. Make Sure The Striker Plate Is Strong Too. Some cheaper locksets may have a striker plate that is more decorative than protective. Its job is to secure your lockset to the frame of your door. Many security experts have mentioned that this is often the weakest point of some lock-sets and that burglars may target the striker plate with a crowbar or other object to try and break it. Heavy gauge metal strike plates that have four screws which should be about three inches long provide much more protection from someone trying to pry it away from your door frame.
  4. Maybe a digital lock. The technology of key-less locks is always improving and they can help beef up your security while also make life easier. A lot of burglars use tools like bump keys or pick traditional cylinder locks to access homes. So if there isn’t a keyhole to manipulate, then lock picking becomes impossible. Electric locks can include keypad locks, fingerprint scanners remote controlled locks and more. Just be sure to choose a reputable one that could even sync with other home controls or your smart phone. Some can be tough to crack though, even for experienced locksmiths, so don’t forget your access codes.
  5. Don’t Overlook Your Door. There isn’t a lot of sense in spending a lot of money on expensive home locks and then install a cheap or even hollow door. You have seen it in the movies time and again, the easiest and fastest way for someone to get into your home is to kick the front door in. So make sure that your door is strong enough to take a pounding. Buy solid doors and make sure any glass is very strong too.

Securing your assets is important and we hope this post helps you make a better decision when buying a locks for your new or existing home.

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