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Fixing Emergency Electrical Faults in Melbourne February 18, 2015

MBE Electrical is a 24-hour, 7-days a week emergency electrician which visits residential and commercial properties throughout the bayside area of Melbourne.

A simply completed power crisis in Brighton:

The client (Vikram Jayaprakash) discovered an unprofessional electric craftsmanship from a different electrician who’d installed the electric security change entirely wrong, MBE was required to find the electric breakdown. The client was effective after attempting 6 additional emergency electrician business. MBE Electrical inquired and discovered under wrong dimensions security change and size cabling, inducing the security switch to vacation having lamps and no electricity.

Supplying the cost up-front in order to avoid any shocks in the ending, the client was satisfied with all the cost by operating on the power switchboard, and work began.

Without further ado all the wiring that was dangerous were removed, ensured all the energy to the switchboard was off although we were operating on the electric switchboard at night and changed all the faulty parts with best quality foreign approved electric protecting apparatus to bring back the energy along with re wire each of a bad cabling to secure cabling.

Result: Yet another Happy client

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Combining Online Services to Generate Results December 2, 2014


SEO is a popular term thrown about the online marketing world. It is becoming more and more important and more widely spoken about. Most people that have their own site would know all about SEO and the importance of having a knowledgeable and experienced team of experts working towards reaching and surpassing goals.

SEO is a long term strategy, it’s not a quick fix solution to problems a site may be having. It is something that should be worked on continuously.

By combining different techniques together a business is more like to succeed in the online world.

Combining state of the art WordPress Developers, SEO Services, Web Videos, AdWords Management and Google Remarketing, Social Media and Affiliate Marketing as the internet marketing tool, you will get noticed by potential customers and get more sales.

The services available vary from company to company, and depending what company and industry you are in, will determine what services you will need to achieve maximum results.

Being efficient and professional are traits you want in a company when you are going to be dealing with them for this ongoing process of search engine optimisation. As a busy and often stressed business owner, it is nice to have a company I can always rely on and can trust.

The resources above aren’t huge firms, so you work with a team who are passionate and dedicated to their work and to getting results. They don’t lock you into any contracts either, so the ball is always in your court.

I have only had positive results, which has led to more website traffic, more brand awareness, more sales in and out of the website and therefore company growth.

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IT Solutions With a Difference October 30, 2014

IT Support

I am the supervisor in a medium sized medical practice, and lately we have employed IT Support Melbourne professional service.

Sadly everyone in the business is quite technology illiterate and although our computer systems were in desperate to upgrade our computers and we would not have the slightest idea where to even start as we have no idea about what we need.

IT Support Melbourne did everything from beginning to end, as well as support and their on-going care means that if anything goes wrong they are able to help us straight away.

We have now got all of our entire back-ups of our systems and data, as well. It’s possible for you to pay online, also, so it is not difficult to keep on top of everything. Everything runs a lot more easily in our office and the difference has been found by our all of our patients.

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Shop with Toscani for a premier range of cocktail dresses online October 13, 2014

I’ve got a big event coming up next week – my best friend is speaking at an event and wants my support, together with her fiancé they have organised an after party to celebrate. I was looking for an excuse to buy myself a new dress, so I guess now is a good a time as any.

I’d bought a few things from Toscani before, and I knew their range of cocktail dresses online was pretty impressive.

I ended up buying this beautiful navy blue dress by Camilla and Marc – just one of the labels and designers that Toscani stock.

It wasn’t nearly as expensive as you’d imagine for a designer dress, either. Which is why I went a bit crazy and ended up heading over to to get myself new pair of boots as well :P.

The best part was that they were able to deliver it to my office in only a few days as I wasn’t going to have a chance to get down to the store before the weekend. If ever you’re looking for designer dresses online, my advice is start with Toscani.

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Lifespan Fitness are the way to go for all your home gym needs September 28, 2014

I reckon I’ve got a pretty sweet home gym setup, if I do say so myself. I’ve got a rack, plenty of weights, and even a rowing machine. I’ve started doing a lot more cardio lately, but I didn’t have a treadmill. I could easily go for a run outside, but if the weather is no good then the last thing I want is to miss out on a session. I went straight to Lifespan Fitness to find one, as I’ve bought everything from there so far. These guys are pros – they really know their stuff and are more than happy to give you sound advice before you make a decision or a purchase.


The range of treadmills for sale was pretty extensive, which didn’t surprise me at all. They’ve got all the bells and whistles, too – manual or automatic incline, shock control, pedometer, heaps of speed settings, you name it. I’ve been to plenty of gym equipment stores before but Lifespan Fitness is by far the best. They’ll even deliver your treadmill Melbourne wide so there’s no need to organise a trailer or anything like that. Check them out online or go visit them in store, either way you’ll be impressed.

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The most stunning bridal stores Melbourne has to offer August 14, 2014


I work as a wedding planner and I absolutely love it. Helping couples organise the most important and happiest day of their lives is such a satisfaction, and there’s nothing like seeing a beautiful wedding pulled of successfully. Naturally I’ve made some pretty good contacts in the industry over the years like florists, caterers, designers, venue hosts, and that sort of thing and I’m always happy to suggest these services to clients I work with. I’ve got great relationships with them all, but the most valuable is the relationship I have with The Designer Bridal Room. Ladies, listen up – if you want a stunning, unique dress that won’t cost a fortune, you go straight to these guys. Their range is simply breathtaking and no two dresses I’ve ever seen come out of that place have looked alike. I promise you, they’re the finest bridal stores Melbourne has to offer and they understand you’ve been dreaming about this day since you were a little girl. You can find yourself a beautiful gown, and your bridesmaids can even get their dresses there, too. Plus they’ve got other accessories like gloves, tiaras and bracelets. Buying a dress from The Designer Bridal Room is a sure way to guarantee you’ll have a wonderful wedding day.

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Low Calorie Meals on Wheels July 7, 2014

Meals on Wheels as a name and a concept has always made me smile. Some people take pleasure in cooking but I am not one of those people. A trip to the supermarket is a real pain for me to find time for and I’m happy to outsource all of these menial tasks in my life.


IT’s great to do what makes you happy and so wonderfully convenient to live in a world where you can pay someone else to do the things that don’t really bring you joy. I do like to eat well, healthy food that’s well prepared and well presented; low calorie meals that don’t taste like it. I’ve tried all kinds of meals on wheels type services and the best of them is Dineamic.

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Rental Bond Loans Experts June 27, 2014

You’re looking at one. To tell you the truth I knew absolutely nothing about rental bond loans just three short months ago. I am someone who thoroughly enjoys a bit of research though, and someone with plenty of experience in financing. I knew that once I found Housing Bond Loans, I was onto a winner.


We needed to look into rental bond loans for our new shops because we simply didn’t have the liquidity to manage the upfront costs demanded at the time. We had set money aside but circumstances changed. Finding the right rental bond loans was the difference between going ahead with the growth strategy and not so it was pretty crucial stuff. Housing Bond Loans were far away the most impressive operator we found for their offerings and their customer focus. We really felt supported by them.

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Buying a new car? Enlist the help of Ryan The Negotiator April 19, 2014


My trusty ’95 Holden Commodore finally bit the dust last week. I’d owned it since new, and I’d covered some serious miles in that thing. I found myself buying a new car for the first time in ages, and admittedly I didn’t even know where to start. A friend of mine said that for discount new cars, Ryan The Negotiator was my best bet.

Well, I gave him a call and told him I was looking to find a new Audi, work was good and I just scored a new sponsor for our organisation so I thought I would upgrade to class, but didn’t want to get ripped off. Within 2 days, Ryan had got back to me with no less than half a dozen options. I couldn’t believe it. I got a much better price than I ever would have had I have gone to a dealer or private seller myself, and all it cost me was $249 for his time. The car’s fantastic, and I even had change from my budget, too.


Ryan The Negotiator is a top notch car broker, check him out if you’re in the market of buying a new car.

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A vertical garden is just on the horizon February 16, 2014

I know that vertical gardens are all the landscape rage at the moment and have been for a few years, but I am right on the bandwagon. I have wanted a vertical garden ever since I first saw one, and I am so excited that I managed to get 02 Plant Walls to put the most gorgeous green wall in our garden.

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Self Storage Solved February 13, 2014

I recently got relocated last minute. I sort of knew it was happening but I had to get some things in order and by the time I had it sorted I needed to leave the very next day up to Alice Springs. I’ve had some help from my housemates packing my things up because I just didn’t have time for anything.

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Beautiful River, Beautiful River Cruise Melbourne February 9, 2014

We took a river cruise with Dreamscape Tours over the Christmas period, from the city all the way out to Williamstown and back. We had no idea about all the amazing history of Williamstown and in all our time in the city we can’t remember having been there.

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Display homes for sale in Mt Waverly January 26, 2014

We’ve just moved from the city to Mt. Waverly for a bit of extra space and a better lifestyle. Sienna Mt Waverly really tipped it for us as we’d been a bit indecisive on the whole thing. I loved my time in Fitzroy as it’s such a vibrant area but you just can’t compare how much further your money goes somewhere like the Sienna Mt Waverly.

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Dr Frank Lin Builds Confidence January 24, 2014

If you’re looking for a plastic surgeon you may already understand just how important their service can be. I went through a long period of learning to accept who I am, warts and all and I do think I was stronger for it. I got there in the end but there were just a few things that no matter how accepting I was other people couldn’t look past.

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Payroll Service Professional January 16, 2014

We had our payroll girl leave a few months ago and had to go through the lengthy process of having to hire and train someone new. Even though they came with experience, there are nuances to every business that must be understood. The cost of finding new people really seems to have gotten out of hand and when they ended up deciding it just wasn’t for them after a couple of months, we were really not in a position to go through the process again, it had put me right off.

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Hydraulic Lift Tuffing it Out January 14, 2014

I am something of a machine nerd. I love a good set of bearings, lots of moving parts and as far as I’m concerned hydraulics are the last word in awesome. The idea of managing huge amounts of pressure and weight with smooth effortless fluidity, there’s just nothing sexier.

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